zero waste recycling

Saving resources with plastic recycled baskets

Did you know that manufacturing paper requires 40% more energy and 70% more water than plastic?

emissions savings

Recycled plastic emits 49% less CO2 than virgin plastic, which means less greenhouse effect!


Recycling other materials such as paper requires 90% more energy than recycling plastic.

49% less emissions

At Shopping Basket we are committed to the environment and we are aware of our impact on the environment.

That is why we want to introduce you to our range of recycled baskets that benefits the world we live in and, therefore, all of us.


49 CO2

Two types of recycled baskets

post consumer recycling 1

Post-consumer recycling


We are approaching perfection

Our post-consumer recycled baskets are made with 95% recycled material in addition to being 100% recyclable. 

Post-consumer waste is generated once it has completed its use phase in the life cycle.

Therefore, it is all the waste that ends up in the plastic recycling container.

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Certified recycled material


The recycling process and associated management systems for plastic waste have been verified by an accredited EuCertPlast auditor.


EuCertPlast is a European certification that was created to recognize those recyclers of post-consumer plastics who comply and work under very demanding quality levels.

Recycled baskets


This type of recycling uses industrial waste from different sources. The main objective is:

– Optimize the use of potentially useful materials.
– Reduce waste to the environment.

This plastic comes from the surplus (waste) of plastic used in production.

Post-industrial recycled baskets available in black

recycling-sticker 1

Recycled basket identification

All our recycled baskets have an identification sticker included so that your customers know your brand’s commitment to the environment.

You want to know more? Circular economy

The circular economy is based on taking advantage of resources, minimizing consumption and opting for reuse whenever possible. Another important factor is to try to consume biodegradable products in order to reduce damage to the environment.

For all those products that cannot be biodegradable, disassembly is encouraged so that the parts can be reused and so that they can have a second useful life.

When none of this is possible, the only option will be recycling.

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Ebook - Recycling, a new opportunity for your business

Get ahead of your competition by showing your customers your environmental commitment.

In this ebook you will find…
• Current global situation
• Recycling processes
• Green marketing: why offer your customers recycled products