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Discover the basket for
picking & delivery: ReBasket

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95% Savings on disposable bags

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Optimization of orders and delivery times

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Increase customer loyalty

How does it work?

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Get your basket for picking & delivery: ReBasket

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Advantages of ReBasket

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Less transportation costs

Thanks to the standardization of volumes and measurements, containers can be stacked safely using the vertical space of the truck.

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Less stock and quick preparation

Less stock of bags.

Agility when preparing orders thanks to their organization on shelves.

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Less packaging and waste costs

It reduces packaging costs in picking and Click & Collect systems by 95%.

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Less breaks

It protects better the products, avoiding damage and breakage, common in the old system of plastic or paper bags.

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Increase in return on investment

With just 15-20 uses, ReBasket will be paid off.
Use ReBasket at least 10,000 times, as all tests have far exceeded this number.

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More security and productivity

It prevents breakage of paper or plastic bags and saves time and increases worker safety, which means more productivity.

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Less time in each cycle

Cleaner work area without breaks. This way, operators can work faster, which translates into more optimized work cycles.

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ReBaskets is 50% recycled

Made with 50% recycled polyethylene!
Reduce carbon footprint by 20%

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Get your basket for picking & delivery: ReBasket

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