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Sustainable retail solutions

Our goal is to create sustainable retail solutions that are truly circular. We have worked on products that, in addition to circular production, are designed to be used circularly, such as ReBasket.

We put awareness into how we manage and manufacture our products as well as how they are designed to be used and how they are disposed of.

Carbon footprint

Shopping Basket’s footprint takes into account carbon emissions and waste. We are in the process of measuring our footprint so we can fully understand the impact we are having. This will give perspective to create plans to reduce our negative impacts and take action to improve our impact on the environment.

In 2022, we begin calculating the carbon footprint of each of our products and operations with a third-party carbon expert.
The next step will be to put into practice actions that improve our impact in the world.

sb responsability footprint

How we will reduce our impact on the world

Incorporate Sustainability

· Reducing plastic waste
· Promoting recycling
· Creating sustainable retail solutions

Conscious use of plastic

· Reducing plastic consumption
· Promoting the economy
· Education and awareness
· Continuous improvements

Taking responsibility

· Responsible manufacturing
· Plastic reduction program
· Collaborations
· Educating the user

sb responsability circularity


We are working on creating an end-to-end, renewable and circular productthat can be reused many times.

Thanks to controlling the entire value chain,we can recycle your old baskets and carts to manufacture new units with that material and extend the life of the plastic as much as possible.

Human capital

At SB, we are committed to the multiculturalism of our team, with members from all over the world speaking up to 10 different languages ​​among the entire team.

We encourage Team Building activities and outings among colleagues in order to strengthen ties within the team.

Communication is one of the bases of SB. Everyone is free to express their opinions and ideas. We are committed to flexibility and family conciliation (teleworking and flexible hours).

At SB we want our team to continue growing on a personal and professional level, which is why we invest in continuous training courses, as well as coaching workshops to improve skills and communication.

sb responsability team
sb responsability social


We are aware of the groups most in need and that is why we act at the local level to improve the lives of the most vulnerable people as much as possible.

That is why we collaborate with the NGOs Cáritas Barcelona, ​​San Juan de Dios, Acción Social Montalegre and Training and Work.

We have collaborated by providing them with carts and baskets so that they can distribute food more easily and quickly, allowing them to serve even more people in need.