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All our baskets are manufactured in Martorelles, a little town close by Barcelona, in our 44,000m2 plant.

All Shopping Basket baskets and carts are made of virgin polypropylene. Polypropylene, also known as PP, is a thermoplastic polymer that is very resistant to breakage and has the advantage of being 100% recyclable.

Our baskets and carts have special double ball bearing wheels and polyurethane finish. The double ball bearing makes the weight distributed evenly and allows to maintain the optimal movement of the basket or cart, even to the maximum of its load.

Apart from the ball bearings, our wheels have a polyurethane (PU) finish. Polyurethane is known for its extreme wear resistance and also for absorbing impact. This absorption makes our baskets the quietest on the market, with an average of 20% less noise than other baskets.

All our baskets and carts can be customized through various processes, such as In-molding, screen printing, pad printing, and adhesives.

There is no real limitation about the number of colors you can make a basket or cart since all colors are developed to measure, but we consider as a reference the Pantone scale that gives us 1114 color options.

We have sold more than 3.5 million baskets, many of which remain in the market 10 years later. We calculate that the useful life of a basket is from 7 to 8 years although we recommend changing them every 5 years.

Due to the extensive quality control of our products and the high quality of our raw material, we can offer for the entire Shopping Basket product range, 2 years warranty, the highest market performance.

Cleaning the carts and baskets is a routine that should be done on a regular basis. Surface cleaning such as the removal of food debris, plastics and papers should be done daily. We recommend deep cleaning on a regular basis with a pressure wash with water warmer than 60 ° C and neutral soap.

The use of chemicals can affect the finish of the plastic and reduce its life.

All our products are 100% recyclable.

Shopping Basket has an exclusive integrated and invisible anti-theft system, available in all our baskets.


Each store has its particularities, it depends a lot on the area in which it is located, city, country, typology of the store and even the economic situation of the country.

In general, we recommend some units for the store size:

Size and type of store Equipment units Equipment Units
Small food store
Baskets 50
Carts 20
Medium food store
Baskets 150
Carts 150
Big food store
Baskets 400
Carts 400
Small non-food store
Baskets 50
Carts 20
Medium non-food store
Baskets 100
Carts 100

Choosing the best equipment for your store is important and difficult at the same time. Our suggestion is a mix of products that allows the customer to make their purchases in a comfortable, relaxed and without ever having the feeling of buying too many items.

An important factor when defining the mix of ideal baskets and carts is the type of store and the customer’s purchase pattern. Stores in the food sector can be divided into local stores, convenience stores, and large stores. Each of them requires specific needs.

A small food store for example, in which the consumption profile is several visits per week and purchases of few items, probably needs a good handbasket. However, it is important to give the client the option to increase the number of items of his purchase, thus increasing the average ticket. To solve this problem, you can also offer a basket with wheels of 32 or even 54 liters, such as the RB32L and BARCELONA models respectively.

Large stores can use a mix of products from an intermediary basket such as the 54L BARCELONA and the 110L BRAVO cart.

Proximity stores can take advantage of the 70-liter BOND vertical basket, which optimizes store space without sacrificing capacity.

In non-food stores where the products are bulkier, you can choose a different mix of products with greater capacity, such as the XXL horizontal basket of 80 liters or SUPERBOND, the largest vertical basket on the market, with 91 liters capacity.

Our commercial advisors can help you choose the best equipment mix for your store.

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