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Since 1995, Amazon and Ebay show how it works and nowadays online shops have become indispensable for the commercial world.  From grocery shopping to B2B business relations – the e-market is constantly growing.

According to the OECD’s “Internet Economy Outlook 2012” about 22% of the companies within the EU offer a website with online ordering, reservation or booking – with upward tendency.

Online shopping offers a variety of advantages. Firstly, it is simple and convenient. The customer is not bound to any opening hours or places. Moreover, he can collect information and compare different offers within a short period, which has a positive effect on competitive pricing. Additionally, improved security systems make sure that the client’s data is only used to process the order.

With more than 6 Billion internet users companies that conduct e-business can reach many more potential clients and explore new markets. Online shops allows to deal directly with the whole supply chain since orders, invoices and even payments take place online as well as global business relationships can grow faster.

The part of business done via internet will increase constantly – don’t miss to jump on the bandwagon!