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There is a lot of ways to increase the revenue of a retail store, in this post we’ll show how to do it in a supermarket.

Understanding the behavior of your consumer is essential to encourage the sales of your supermarket. As a matter of fact, there are variables which influence the decisions that consumers make, causing them to choose certain products or to increase their shopping volume. Find some strategies below:

The capacity of the shopping cart or basket

Choosing a suitable basket or cart is determining for the incomes of a store or supermarket. In fact, capacity must never limit shoppers. Once in the store, consumers often include in their cart products that were not on the list. Furthermore, most of them are not satisfied if they don’t fill up the cart or basket. In the following research carried out by Shopping Basket, it can be proved how sales can increase a 32% with a larger basket:

Ebook IKEA - Case Study


Decimals on price tags

Even if the price difference is minimal, the old trick of adding decimals to the price keeps convincing the shopper. People normally spot the first digit in a figure; therefore, a product costing 2,99EUR will be visualized as 2EUR instead of 3EUR. Moreover, this cent will make the shopper perceive a price reduction and it will be interpreted as a cheap product.

Placing of products

It is a key factor in order to make the shopper choose one product or another. In the first place, the products that we want to stand out must be at eye level. On the contrary, products that could be an alternative will have to be in a less visible place. Secondly, the indispensable products (eggs, vegetables, milk, water) should be in the furthest area of the store, so that shoppers see themselves obliged to walk all the way through, adding non-planned items to their cart. Finally, it is advised to place dispensable products -such as sweets, ready-made meals or processed baked goods- at the checkout area. Thanks to a greater visual impact the shoppers may purchase them impulsively while queuing.

Make customers feel special

Offering a great shopping experience is highly important in order to build loyalty. Therefore, having employees who help customers, who provide them with knowledge about the products or who simply smile at the checkout area, could have a very positive impact, especially in those stores selling expensive products.

Free delivery

The raise of comfort, the impossibility of using a vehicle, having reduced mobility or the lack of time might be an inconvenience when it comes to taking shopping home. Therefore, offering a free delivery for a minimum spend might be highly beneficial. On one hand, it will oblige the customer to purchase until reaching the minimum spend; and on the other hand, you will be offering a differentiating and helping service, which the shopper will positively appreciate.