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Noise can be irritating if you have to stand it constantly at a disproportionate level. Therefore, many citizens living above supermarkets and hypermarkets have reported these centers.

To avoid this conflicts, supermarkets carry out measures to prevent or minimize noise nuisance. In order to maintain a cordial relationship with their environment and ensure a pleasant shopping experience for their customers.

Choose the best wheels for less noise

From constant renewal of refrigerators and machines, to the election of the shopping baskets, there are many factors that supermarkets have to keep in mind in order to minimize their noise nuisances. When it comes to choosing a basket with wheels, they should try to guarantee the lower noise possible. Therefore, any establishment should always opt for baskets with high quality wheels. This will ensure a quiet performance (less than 28 decibels) and enabling customer to carry or push the basket easily.

Silence your supermarket with Shopping Basket’s wheels

Our wheels made of polyurethane guarantee a noise level of only 18 decibels, 20% less than other baskets on the market. This noise reduction in each basket is exponentially important in a day of high circulation where it is common to have more than 300 baskets circulating at the same time in a store.