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The Social Project TienDar, provide clothes to families in a difficult situation.

Increasingly, more social projects are arising in Spain to help people at risk of social exclusion. One of them is TienDar, a resource for families in a difficult situation in Antequera (Malaga).

TienDar is a free second-hand clothes store, where most clothes have been donated by individuals or entities. So far, 250 people (70 families) have been benefited from this project.

Shopping Basket has joined the cause by donating the XXL – an 80L rolling basket, in order to facilitate the collection of clothes in the store. In fact, in the last few months, TienDar has dramatically increased the number of people served. Many of them are large families, who need a great number of clothes.

This project is driven by ABD, a Spanish NGO who works for the social inclusion of vulnerable people or of those in extreme marginalization. At present they run projects which concern drug addiction, AIDS, childhood and families, elderly or dependent, immigration or gender equity.