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We design and manufacture the baskets in our factory, on the outskirts of Barcelona.

In 2008, Shopping Basket opens its doors with a clear objective of facilitating the consumer in the frequent task of buying. Being the best baskets manufacturer in the market has always been our main objective.

Designing and manufacturing our own baskets allows us to maintain control of the entire process. From researching the needs of consumers, through a careful design process to engineering. Giving priority to quality, an exhaustive co-creation process is carried out by unifying ideas of all the company’s personnel. Always guided by an expert team of industrial designers and engineers.

Creation process

The creation process begins with a conversation with all the staff about the opportunities observed in conversations with customers, distributors and even users of our products.

After collecting ideas and wishes from the entire team, a hard filtering process begins. We try to objectively reduce the needs and characteristics that a new product must have. With this information filtered and organized, a briefing is sent to a team of designers. This is how the third phase of the creation process begins: Transforming ideas into a concept.

This concept is polished by the team for months. From this process is born a concept, which in the next phase will become a prototype. The concept is sent to an engineering department that will work on technical details of the design, such as usability, structural reinforcement, and assembly.

Design and engineering

After months, when the engineering process ends we make the first prototype in real size. This prototype serves to improve the user experience. It also ensures that the basket adapts to the needs of the customer when he will make his purchase.

Once validated, this prototype serves as the basis for making the mold. Only then, begins the production of the product validated by various professionals and end users.

This long development process is applied to all Shopping Basket product ranges. Throughout all these years, our products are referenced in large global retail chains. For example, in the consumer goods sector such as toy stores, bookstores, DIY stores, decoration and a multitude of other sectors.


Our 44,000m2 factory, located on the outskirts of Barcelona, is strategically located near one of the most important ports in Europe. In the same way, we have direct access to the largest highway in Spain connecting the Iberian countries, France as well as other European countries.

All our production is carried out in a sustainable way, using the most modern injection machines on the market. We promote energy efficiency to minimize the impact on the environment. All the industrial waste generated in the plastic injection is reused in a line of recycled products. It is what we call a circular economy.

All these factors make Shopping Basket the current best manufacturer of baskets and shopping carts. All this motivates us to continue working and improving day after day.


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