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The shopper experience is key when clients have to make a decision.

Accordingly Nielsen study, 90% of the buy decision is based on emotions. If we add that 86% of the decision is taken directly at the shop floor we could understand the importance of shopper experience.

The Shopper experience is an intangible aspect but is directly related to client satisfaction. There are many factors to be considered when a client has to decide on a store or a product. Price, packaging, referral, and location are important but the emotion is the key and makes the client put aside everything else.

According to American Express Survey, 78% of the customers admit to having stopped shopping after a bad experience.

customer experience ebookHow a cart or a shopping basket influence the shopping experience?

It’s simple, the more fluid is the customer visit, better will be the sensation. It’s related to simplify the shopping process. A cart or a shopping basket has the job of helping the consumer to buy and let him free to choose his products.

The easy that the client moves around with his cart or basket, the capacity or even the noise affect the time spent in the shopping process. Consequently, it directly affects the average purchase ticket.

Dillard’s, the American giant, for instance, has got raises the average ticket size of its Dillard’s Clearance simply adopting our vertical basket SUPERBOND, the biggest basket in the market.

The same happens with IKEA, Zeeman, Century 21 and many other retail chains.

The online sales and the shopping experience

Recent studies reveal that many sells made through online channels were decided on physical stores. The big retailers affirm that its online store is nurtured by the client from an offline store. Knowing that the retailers are adapting to this new format. Offering an unforgettable shopper experience has become one of the main goals of the brands. Better equipment, modern stores, well lit, entertainment and food inside the stores are some of the incentives used to improve the shopping experience.

Primark for instance, just opened in Birmingham its biggest store, with more than 15000 square meters, which a big part is dedicated to a themed coffee and a beauty salon. Ikea and Leroy Merlin, for example, have opened areas inside its stores exclusively dedicated to customizing spaces.

To summarize, when it is time to compete with a virtual word or use it to complement sales, the shopper experience inside a physical store is paramount.

It is a trend now and looks that will stay for a while.

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