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According to the German supermarket chain Kaiser’s every month about 250 shopping carts get stolen from their shops in Berlin which sums up to 3000 carts and shopping baskets. Supermarket owners in the United States report that they lose between $8000 and $10000 per year through stolen grocery carts and shopping baskets.

But, shouldn’t today’s technology be able to minimize those thefts?

Security tags for baskets

Of course the answer is “yes”.  For high quality baskets and carts with a relatively long product lifetime it is self-evident. Compared to the costs of a stolen basket the price difference between a basket with and without anti-theft system is ridiculously low. Adding security tags for baskets is simple and very efficient.

Method 1: security tag inside handle

This security tag is inserted when the basket is injected. This way is hidden and can’t be removed.


Method 2: security tag underneath the basket

The security tag can be also placed underneath the basket. It just needs a little lid that will secure it.


Method 3: hanging security tag

Many stores prefer to hang a security tag using their own security system. Many times, the same ones that they use for their products.

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