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We all think that recycling is good for the environment. And it is. It is an efficient way to reduce our impact on the environment. However, when it comes to plastic, it might not be the first choice of an eco-friendly material.

There are loads of plastic products that have been designed to be used once or only a few times, even though they are not sold as such. Those items should be recycled when possible, since we all know the advantages of this practice. Nevertheless, before purchasing any disposable just because it can be recycled after its use, we should bear in mind that recycling plastic is not a perfect solution.

When melting down plastic in order to recycle it, it produces VOC, or volatile organic compounds. Those are fumes that harm plant and animal life near the site where the recycling process is taking place. Apart from that, also the heat needed to melt plastic generates noxious emissions, contributing to global warming.

Therefore, the next time you need to buy any plastic item, think about it twice: It may be recyclable, but that doesn’t mean it is necessarily eco-friendly. Purchasing long-lasting high quality products and paying attention to their life’s length may be the best option to avoid a constant recycling cycle.

Recycling sounds good, but reusing is the answer!