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Proximity stores are the new trends in big cities.

It is a fact; the big retailers are in the middle of a big change in their history. Best Buy announced this year the intention of closing 50 stores. This news fed the rumors of a possible ending of big stores, while proximity stores grow every day.

Nothing far from reality: big stores format are still working and very well, nonetheless, the trends now is proximity stores.

This isn’t new. Actually, Carrefour stopped a project called Carrefour Planet when they detected this tendency and moved towards small and proximity formats Like Carrefour Express, City and Market, etc. In the same way, other retailers did the same.

Last year, hypermarkets have grown only 2%, Meanwhile, proximity stores have reached 5% of growth.

The sporting goods or home decor retailers like IKEA or Decathlon have already started opening small-format stores and have adapted them to big cities downtown.


“Worldwide, the combination of sales channels is being fragmented while consumers move towards small format retailers.”

Patrick Dodd, Market growth director of Nielsen.


This tendency is due to the change of consumer behavior owed to traffic, the difficulty of move around big cities, lack of time and a lot of other issues of modern life.

This store has to adapt not only their store size but its product offers and store equipment. Important equipment as baskets and carts should be adapted to this proximity format. Narrow aisles, more visit frequency at the store, reduced numbers of items in each visit are factors that follow this new way of consuming.

Shopping Basket Solutions

All Shopping Basket range of products is made for this kind of store. The form factor of baskets and carts is important considering the new size of stores and aisles. However, reducing the basket and cart sizes shouldn’t mean loose capacity or reducing the average ticket size. For this case, Shopping Basket has created an exclusive vertical basket line called BOND and SUPERBOND.

We have created a hybrid cart called SNUPY which is a combination of two 28-liters baskets and a bottle holder for up to 2 bottles. SNUPY is the ideal solution for stores that don’t want to have two different models of baskets. This way, they can use the GREAT baskets, attached to the wheeled cart SNUPY.

Another important feature of small proximity stores is the concentration of clients in peak times that increases the general noise in the store. All our products are made in polyurethane. Our wheels are extremely silent, capable to generate 20% less noise than our competitors. They are also designed with a double bearing system which guarantees a perfect maneuverability, 360º movement event even if it’s fully loaded.

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