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Plastic shopping baskets manufacturing is our core value. For Shopping Basket plastic is vital due to the fact that the baskets are 100% constituted by this material.

But… What are the reasons that drive us to use this material in the production process of a plastic shopping baskets?


foto_fabrica_materiaprima (1)It may seem that plastic is not as resistant as metal, and the truth is that it is possible that it may reach the same level of resistance. But in the case of shopping baskets it definitely reaches the necessary resistance needed. Specially when premium quality plastic is used, which applies to our case. Moreover, a part from the resistance to carrying objects without breaking, we can add the resistance to climate. Plastic adapts perfectly to countries with high humidity or with rainy conditions. This is due to not getting rusty in the case of storing the baskets outside.

Another positive aspect about plastic is the weight. As it is less dense than metal, plastic is lighter and easier to maneuver. This aspect is fundamental, specially for our hand baskets (100% plastic). Clients will deal with a light basket and will only notice the weight of the products he stores in it. This way the client will be able to enjoy a comfortable and peaceful shopping experience.

Finally, referring to the manufacturing costs, by using plastics the cost is less than by using metal. This means we can offer our clients high quality products at a very good price.




But the most important fact about plastic is its involvement with the environment. There are many ways that help us contribute to the environment by using plastic:

In first place, we have to take into account that the recycling process of plastic, where there is a melting process, CO2 gases are emitted into the atmosphere. There fore this process also pollutes. This is one of the reasons we bet for high quality products that will last the longest time possible before they are recycled.

Unfortunately, not everything lasts forever. This is the motive that brings us to use 100% recyclable plastic. Therefore, when a basket is too old to be reused it can be melted and made into another product without having to throw it away. This process also applies during the production process where the plastic that is left over of producing one basket is used in the production of the next.

To cover up our engagement with the environment, in Shopping Basket we have incorporated a new machine in our production line that reduces the energy consumption and the emissions of CO2 to the atmosphere. This machine also reduces the production time and multiplies the quantity of baskets produced per hour. All this without influencing the quality of the product and its long life cycle.

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