How to promote a product in a supermarket is a very interesting question. Highlighting one or the other can increase your sales. Therefore, not only do you have to think about how to enhance it, but you also need to determine which one is better. By answering both questions, you improve your results.

The role of labels

Labels are a fundamental element when promoting a product. Its function, at least initially, is to indicate the price. That is, they provide crucial information for the consumer to make his decision. Thanks to it, you can make comparisons and calculations very quickly. But the available options do not begin or end here.

The way in which you distribute the information generates one effect or another, as well as the design itself. Indicating only the price of the product and its name is not the best option. Momentum opportunity is lost, as an attractive message is not conveyed. It’s just a standard label that will go unnoticed among all the others. However, by adding certain elements to it, it will stand out.


A simple way to take advantage of it is to place an effective slogan. For example, indicate that it is only available for a short period of time. On the one hand, the signal is sent that there is a shortage, the product will not remain on the shelf for long. On the other hand, you grab the attention of the eyes if you opt for a large font or a distinctive color.

In fact, color is a subtle way of highlighting a label. If they are all orange and one of them is yellow, you will attract more customers. Playing around with this will allow you to boost products for all sorts of reasons. Whether it is to show an offer or a novelty, it will achieve the objective that you are looking for. However, you should not make too much noise.

The ideal is to choose a specific product from the shelf, since it is easier to highlight. If the number of yellow labels exceeds the orange ones, the latter would be the striking ones. They are the ones that would prevail over all the others.


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Neuromarketing as a solution

Neuromarketing is a discipline that focuses on studying consumer behavior. Try to predict, based on different data, what he will do or his reaction to the strategies you implement. By generating the right stimuli, you’ll be more inclined to buy. Therefore, it is convenient to discover which ones work and use them to promote a product.

One of the areas he studies is the effects of emotions, a fundamental element in achieving a sale. They are capable of generating actions, sometimes impulsive, in the face of the correct stimulus. In many situations, the buyer will not be aware of what led to their decision. But do not think that it is a crude manipulation, since the underlying idea is to find the most attractive way to sell.

For example, the fact that supermarkets opt for long and narrow aisles is not just functional. Although it is about optimizing the use of space, it is also a way to encourage sales. By having such an arrangement, the time consumers spend in the store is increased. When they go through a good part of the linear, going back means going further than continuing forward.

In addition, different tools are being applied to study customer reactions. From sensors to eye tracking techniques, they all seek to optimize sales. In fact, they contribute to creating a better emotional experience. Thus, it is possible that a visit to a store becomes something completely pleasant. In this aspect, the chosen music also influences.


Other factors that are taken into account in neuromarketing

The senses and other elements are important to neuromarketing. Sight is one of the most relevant, especially when it comes to marketing food. To attract attention to a piece of meat, for example, light and its intensity can lead to higher sales. A good approach will emphasize freshness, fat marbling and quality, qualities that are taken into account in making a decision.

The height of the shelves and the location of the food also affects. When a customer walks with a cart, the angle of his view is not normal. This goes down a bit, which makes products in a certain position more eye-catching. They are in direct line with the eyes and, in addition, they are within the reach of the children, who will ask their parents to buy it.


Thanks to the appropriate techniques, answering how to promote a product in a supermarket is no longer problematic. It is about getting to know customers and their behavior in depth. Opting for eye-catching labels, appropriate colors or height will increase sales.


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