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Strategies to increase supermarket profits

For years, supermarkets constantly find new ways of making their customers buy more than they actually needed to.

There is, for example, the so called “slow-down zone” right at the entrance of many supermarkets: Vegetables and fruits arranged in a nice and spacious way create a market scenery. The customer slows down automatically and takes more time to pass through this section and the rest of the supermarket.

Another trick is that many daily products e.g. milk are disposed at the very end of the shop. Therefore clients are forced to cross the whole supermarket passing by special offers and new products which they might not have seen otherwise.

One of the newest technologies is influencing through artificial scents. The smell of freshly baked bread near the bakery products or the scent of ripe and juicy strawberries in the fruit section are some examples.

Bigger shopping baskets, bigger sales

A certainly efficient way to increase the profits of a supermarket is to use bigger shopping carts. A relatively small one is filled with only a few products and the customer feels bad and uncomfortable carrying  an overflowing basket. However, by using a voluminous and comfortable-to-carry one the client enjoys shopping. Additionally, in a big one only a few products look “lost” and the customers buy more to make the shopping trip worthwhile.

An example of this is our American client Dillard’s. They switched shopping baskets to our biggest model, the Superbond. Since they did, they have increased sales.

The setup of a shop should not be left to chance. Small changes can make a shop more profitable. And never forget: easiest ways are often the best ways!