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The power of your brand value.

If you own a store or a supermarket, you might have asked yourself questions such as: Do my customers have the perception that I want about my store?” How can I get new customer profiles? Does my brand communicate my ideal? In fact, questioning ourselves whether our brand value is being communicated accordingly is essential for our business.

Hence, we need, on one side, to define the values of our company and, on the other, to transmit them appropriately.

It is highly important to take into account that everything communicates:

  • Logotype of your company

  • Design of your store

  • Colors

  • Dressing of your employees

  • Merchandising

And there must be coherence between the values that we want to communicate and the existent elements in and out of our store.

Ebook IKEA - Case Study

In fact, 80% of the information that we humans get goes to our brain through the sight. Therefore, images, colors, shapes, designs and the objects that surround us will be as important as words.

Within the store equipment field, the shopping baskets and carts are also a part of this ensemble of elements. At Shopping Basket we help you communicate the following values:


We use the best raw materials to obtain top quality and high-resistance products.

Willing to be at the forefront

Shopping Basket and carts are manufactured with high-technology machinery and have state-of-the-art components such as the wheels and the handles.

Care for details

One of Shopping Bbasket’s key principles is to obtain products with the finest finishes, both at a manufacturing level and at a functionality level.


We count on the best designers so that our models have an elegant and modern style.


Our shopping baskets and carts are known for being practical, easy to use and ergonomic.

Empathy with your customers

we know what your customers need, therefore our products have been designed to cover their demands.

Personalized attention

Our baskets and carts are customizable in color and logo, thus resulting in a product which adapts to the needs of the user.


However, the willing to communicate is not enough; in order for it to be efficient, your customers will have to feel and understand your brand’s values throughout the experience. Consequently, choosing the most adequate store equipment for your store or supermarket will be essential to achieve a satisfactory result.