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Flat bottom basket benefits your store helping to increase the average ticket size.

In previous posts, we’ve talked about handles, plastic materials or the wheels that we use for our shopping baskets. In this occasion, we would like to stress one more feature. The flat bottom basket offers the following advantages:

Capacity optimization

Besides the flat bottom basket such as the Barcelona or the XXL have square corners. This feature allows products with rectangular or square packaging (milk cartons, beer packs, cookies boxes, toilet paper, etc) to be fitted in. Therefore, the shopper may place more products per basket, which will consequently increase the sales ticket.

Easy product placement

The even bottom allows the products to rest on the base, becoming more convenient to place the products and to unload them at the checkout line.

More efficient cleaning

Thanks to the flat bottom and to the open mesh areas, the water will reach every corner and will immediately drain, thus reducing the time spent in the cleaning process.


At Shopping Basket we know how important it is to supply adequate store equipment. This is why we design products which, apart from being aesthetic, can also offer an excellent shopping experience.