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European factories move west

During the last two decades many manufacturing companies moved their production sites to emerging countries in order to make their products more competitive.  But is this really a role model to be followed? Will European factories stand still in some years?

The most important argument to move a factory to e.g. China are the extremely low labor costs: the annual salary of a Chinese worker is lower than what a European workman gets paid per month.

Moreover, not existing or rarely controlled laws concerning labor protection in emerging countries allow higher flexibility and cost savings.

But there is a high price to pay: lacking protective measures lead to physical injury of workers, people suffer from inhumane living conditions.

In addition, Europe still has a lot to offer: highly qualified specialists, the latest production engineering as well as well-founded knowledge of the local markets. Therefore, the label “Made in E.U.” still stands for highest quality and very durable products.

Furthermore, logistical expenses and administrative costs are significantly lower if a Europe based company produces within the E.U. and customer service usually is on a much higher level as enterprises can react faster and more efficient to their customers’ wishes.

Therefore one can say that the era of Europe as production location is not a thing of the past at all. Companies that attach importance to customer proximity and high quality produce in Europe.

Shopping Basket: European manufacturer with factory in Spain

We design and manufacture in Barcelona a wide range of plastic baskets and carts under the quality standards of the European Union. We have a wide variety of machines with capacities up to 1,100 tons, which allow us to assume large volumes of production.


We choose meticulously the raw material and we have high technology machinery that allows us to use advanced injection techniques to obtain a product of maximum quality and profitability.All Shopping Basket baskets and carts are made of virgin polypropylene. Polypropylene, also known as PP, is a thermoplastic polymer that is very resistant to breakage and has the advantage of being 100% recyclable.

Our designers and engineers develop together with our team, new concepts to create innovative products based on the needs of the consumer, without forgetting the innovation and the latest technology.

The process of creating and improving a product starts where it has to do it: the consumer. We carefully listen to the consumer but also to our customers and distributors. All this information is collected by a production department that, together with our industrial designers, develops prototypes that are tested in an exhaustive validation process before being released to the market.

The entire manufacturing and assembly process is carried out in our factory in Martorelles, on the outskirts of Barcelona, in a space of more than 44,000m2, using first quality materials and state-of-the-art automatic machinery, which reduces energy consumption and emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.