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¿What do we call “customer experience”?

The customer experience (cx) is based on the relationship between a company and its customers: each interaction, no matter how brief and even if it does not become a sale. Everything counts, from the advertising carried out by the brand, to the customer service, including the payment methods available to finish the transaction. The sum of all these experiences defines customer experience.


But do we understand well the difference with the “user experience”?

The “user experience” (UX) is based on the interaction between the user and the product. Metrics such as the success rate, error rate, abandonment rate and time to complete the task are used to measure the quality of the UX.


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Therefore, we observe how UX is part of the CX. Both are vital when it comes to recognizing the reputation of the brand and the user’s loyalty to it.

How important is the “customer experience”?

Today the competition between brands is voracious and is just a few clicks away. One of the ways that brands have to retain their customers are with the “customer experience”. For this, many companies are investing money and effort in:


  • 360 ° Customer experience

One of the ways to bring notoriety to your customers is to personalize experiences. In addition, the fact of taking care of all contact points with the user will reinforce the impression that customers have of the brand.


  • Increase customer retention

Acquiring new clients is more expensive than maintaining those that you already have. If a customer is satisfied with a brand, the sale price will not be the differentiating factor with the competition.


  • Your customers are your ambassadors

Happy customers will let all their friends know. So in addition to increasing the lifetime value (LTV) of a customer, the brand will get more customers.


  • Increase the average sales ticket

Regular customers who are happy with the brand often increase their purchases. An example of this is Amazon Prime customers. In this Forbes article, we see how their loyalty is amazing.


They visit the Amazon platform at least once a week and a third of them are ready to buy.


In addition, a Prime customer spends around $1400 a year while one that is not spent around $600 as we see in this other article.


Design your own “customer experience” strategy


Clear vision of the “customer experience”

First of all, we must design the vision that we want to provide as a brand. Once defined, this vision must be communicated in all channels in a way that is cohesive. All employees and communication have to be based on it.


Define the customer personas

The next step is to determine who are our potential customers to know them better. In this way, we can adapt the vision of the previous point and apply it in a concrete way.


Understand who your customers are

The next step in developing these principles of customer experience is to bring the different types of customers who deal with their customer service teams to life. If your organization is really going to understand the needs and wishes of the clients, then they should be able to connect and identify with the situations their clients face.


Connect emotionally with your customers.

A Harvard study suggests that a customer emotionally linked to a brand will recommend three times that product.

An example is an American company Zappos. A client wanted to return by mail some shoes that he bought. However, his mother passed away and could not do it in time. He told Zappos and they organized a postal service that picked them up at home without any cost. In addition, the next day this client received a bouquet of flowers at his home from Zappos. This is a clear example of connecting emotionally with customers. You can read the news here.


Actively listening in real time

It is vital to know if we are providing an optimal experience. For this, we can automate user satisfaction surveys after the interaction. You can also make calls or any other way to contact customers.


Feedback on your equipment

Many companies conduct annual surveys on the quality of the service offered. However, it would be better to carry out this type of investigation periodically in order to be able to correct what is necessary.


Measure ROI

To determine if the actions and strategy undertaken to improve the customer experience are profitable, it must be measured. One way to do it would be with the KPI NPS. You can see here how to calculate it.



The customer experience is an area that needs to be worked continuously. In this way, we will get happy customers who will act as ambassadors for our brand and increase their loyalty.


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