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How to boost your sales at Christmas?

Christmas is indeed the most important season for retailers. Multitudes crowding the stores to buy their presents for relatives and friends. Packing up supermarkets to get great amounts of food for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

Christmas season is a synonym for impulsive shopping, meaning that customers will need free way to shop as much as they want. Therefore, the baskets that are provided in your store are a clue element.

The larger the capacity, the larger the sales!

According to Shopping Basket’s research*, getting an 80L-capacity basket instead of a 54L will make your sales increase a 32%. As the basket will not be a limit to your customer’s needs so it might be time to add our big baskets to your store in order to boost your sales at Christmas.

Shopping Basket sales the two largest rolling baskets in the market: XXL (80L) and Superbond (91L). The wheels used in these baskets have a double-ball bearing system, meaning that they will roll smoothly with no effort. Therefore, weight will not be a problem for your customer to continue shopping. Also, the wheels are covered with polyurethane, which makes them silent and prevent from adding extra-noise to your store.



Superbond has another advantage aside. Even if it is the largest basket in terms of capacity, it will take little space in the store thanks to its vertical design, facilitating the traffic in these busy days.

And finally, these baskets are highly resistant! Manufactured with top-quality raw materials, they will resist to the high-activity in your store, becoming the perfect mate for Christmas shopping.






*Video: Why choose a bigger basket? 54L vs. 80L