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Increase the customer average ticket size is the holy grail of every retailer and the shopping basket and cart capacity is paramount.

The actual market is very competitive these days. Every retailer fights every day to increase benefits and be a leader in its sector. Making the most of every client who enters the store is imperative to reach this goal. This is what we call “Average ticket size”.

The average expense of a client is the amount of turnover divided by the number of clients. It’s a key index when a company needs to build strategies and sales plan.

Increasing client expenses in each visit to the store imply a whole bunch of factors like price, product offers, promotions, agility and the way clients carry their items around the store as well.

Accordingly 2017 Nielsen study, a bigger shopping basket could increase the average ticket size up to 18%.

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However, the user experience is key; it’s not only filling the store with bigger baskets. A shopping basket or cart has to be able to carry on the whole purchase without effort. This way the client can walk around the store freely and won’t abandon it because of the effort to make.

Shopping Basket has always bet on improving the user experience. Every basket we’ve made is built ergonomically, always thinking on the client and how the product will behave in its daily use. Besides, all our baskets are made with double bearing wheels. The double bearing wheels allow perfect maneuverability, even when it’s fully loaded.

Another important factor is the polyurethane finishing in every wheel. This finishing guarantees that our baskets are up to 20% more silent than other brands. This noise reduction is noticed in busy days. The noise reduction inside the store makes the shopper experience more pleasant and the result is a higher ticket size.

The Shopping Basket products are the biggest of the market, like the XXL, our bigger horizontal basket with 80 liters of capacity. Wanting to provide the best transportation solutions in retail stores, we’ve created the first line of vertical baskets: BOND and SUPERBOND, with 70 and 91 liters of capacity.

This line of vertical baskets allows carrying on the same amount of products than a conventional cart.

In Shopping Basket we’re committed to help our clients with products made for them and help your business to increase the average ticket size.

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customer experience ebook