The revolutionary AeroGlove® glove dispenser opens the gloves with a breath of fresh air, allowing you to insert your hand without touching the glove’s work surface.

The dispenser operates on AC or battery power (up to 30,000 activations).

Very easy to use

Just run your hand over the motion sensor, insert your hand into the glove and start working! Our automated dispensing system is incredibly efficient and encourages employees to change their gloves frequently, reducing cross contamination and increasing customer confidence.

Easy to mount anywhere

AeroGlove® can be used in the lobby and at the entrance. The dispenser can also be mounted on the wall, vertically or horizontally, with manual entry up or down, left or right. AeroGlove® can also be placed on the counter for easy access and portability.

Multiple applications

The AeroGlove® Automated Glove Dispenser is ideal for:

• Bakeries
• Fruit and vegetable departments
• Fresh departments (fish, meat, delis…)
• Food service kitchens
• Quick service locations
• Restaurants
• Toilets (contamination of flush handles)
• Liquid management
• More hygienic use of cars and baskets.

AeroGlove® can be used by:

• Your clients
• Your employees


How to properly use the AeroGlove® Dispenser

1. Pass hand in front of dispense sensor.
2. Unit will push air into glove to inflate.
3. Insert hand into glove.
4. Gently push hand forward and lift glove from dispenser.


How to reload the AeroGlove® Dispenser

1. Insert the “Lock Key” if equipped.
2. Swing open the front cover.
3. Remove the empty cardboard cartridge backer.
4. Leave the rubber band on the new glove package.
5. Insert the cuff end of cardboard into clips located near the battery compartment.
6. Insert cardboard tabs into the clips near the glove finger tips.
7. Gently close the front cover of the AeroGlove® Dispenser.




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