Celebrating more than 13 years of success at Shopping Basket

Founded in Barcelona in 2008, Shopping Basket is a plastic handbaskets and carts manufacturer. We design, manufacture, and market our products for all types of stores.

Our goal is to find solutions for our clients. We offer them the best shopping experience. All with a product based on the highest quality, the latest technology, and an eco-sustainable production process.

Thanks to the work of the young and international team led by Santiago del Solar, and the excellent collaboration with our distributors, Shopping Basket is present in more than 60 countries between America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Our plastic handbaskets and carts are all over the World.


We are a plastic handbaskets and carts manufacturer. This allows us to control the entire value chain to provide our customers with the best service.


More than 10 years providing solutions

Foundation of the company and launch to the market of the revolutionary RB54L basket. It transfers the effort of the user to the double bearing wheels making the shopping experience much more pleasant. Consequently, the customer’s store time increases.

Incorporation of the new double-bearing wheels and reinforced structure.

Launch of the XXL (80L), the first high capacity basket model (80L). Until today, it’s the largest horizontal basket with wheels on the market. With its 80 liters capacity, the XXL became an essential product in non-food stores. Nonetheless, it is widely used in supermarket chains such as LIDL and CASINO.

The launch of the BARCELONA basket (54L), the first flat-bottomed basket that allows customers to better organize their purchases and keep unstable products such as bottles standing up. To this day, it still is a best-seller.

Opening of new markets: Latin America and the Middle East.

Incorporation of SB as a shareholder in the plastic injection factory, thus controlling the entire value chain.

Inauguration of the new largest Shopping Basket headquarters in the center of Barcelona.

To celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary, we present BRAVO (110L), our first cart. Once again, we decided to think about the customer, and we created a compact 110L cart with extremely resistant monobloc chassis, wide flat bottom and a 4-wheel system that allows the car to move from any position. It is the 360º revolution.

This is the Shopping Basket philosophy. CARRY.EVERYTHING. It is not about just making baskets and carts, but about transforming the buying process into a pleasant experience for the shopper and profitable for our customers.

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We have grown very fast in the past years. Our original brand was developed more than 10 years ago. At that time, we were still establishing what we were as a company and our goals.



Today, we have new products, new objectives and new horizons. This is reflected on our new corporate image that represents what we are today as a company.


The concept of our tagline

Carry Everything is in our DNA, it is more than a simple slogan, it is a work philosophy.

More than baskets and carts, what we do is finding solutions for your business.


New catalog

We update the presentation of our products maintaining the quality and reliability of always.

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Our values

We work to provide the best user experience that will increase the time in the store and the average purchase ticket.

We walk our clients from the first phases of consulting. Then through the sales process, shipping and after-sales. All this, making sure to exceed the expectations of our customers.

We control the entire value chain. This allows us to apply an extensive process of quality control. Besides, we personally choose the raw material in the production of our plastic handbasket and carts. All this control allows us to offer 2 years of warranty in our entire line of products.


“Our philosophy is based on offering a product of quality, design and excellence in its features, achieving the best end-user experience, these combined elements guarantee our customers greater income and long-term customer loyalty.”

– Santiago del Solar, CEO


Meet our plastic handbaskets and carts


Great, handbasket 


RB32, rolling basket 


Barcelona, rolling basket 


XXL, rolling basket 


Bond, rolling basket 


Superbond, rolling basket